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COVID19 Update

We are all in this together – but apart! We

Communicating a Benefits Rate Increase to Employees

Many employer-paid employee benefit plans, where the employer pays 100% of employee benefit premiums, are transitioning to a cost-share arrangement with employees. Costs are increasing and it’s important that everyone is aware of what factors are driving costs to increase employee awareness and help change behavior. If your plan saw an increase at renewal, effectively […]

Your Employee Has Cancer

This is news everyone dreads… Unfortunately, the news of a cancer diagnosis isn’t as rare as it used to be.  It seems most everyone knows a working age professional that has been diagnosed with cancer or another critical illness. It doesn’t happen just to the elderly anymore. What if this employee is integral to your business? […]

Changes to Critical Illness & Disability Insurance in B.C.

On July 1, 2012, insurance carriers began accepting beneficiary designations for Critical Illness and Disability insurance in British Columbia. In October 2009, amendments to the Insurance Amendment Act were passed by the Legislative Assembly of B.C. – this amendment is Bill 6. The purpose of Bill 6 was to provide further protection for consumers. This […]

AD&D and Critical Illness Become Taxable Benefits Effective 2013

On March 29, 2012 the Federal Government announced that employer-paid premiums for Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) and Critical Illness (CI) will become taxable benefits. Currently, the premiums paid by employers for AD&D and CI are non-taxable benefits to the employee. However, as of January 2013, premiums paid by the employer will be taxable to […]

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