Dental Update – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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As health and dental provider offices reopen, they are reporting added expenses.  Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) requirements and enhanced workspace cleaning protocols are required by their respective professional governing bodies and regulatory authorities.  In some cases, providers are increasing their fees for these added expenses.

For companies providing group benefits to their employees there have been additional costs associated with these changes.  Plan sponsors are starting to receive requests from plan members for reimbursement with respect to their own personal PPE expenses. These changes are dependent on your plan and your provider and how they have chosen to forward those benefits to you.

Insurance companies have provided premium adjustments and other benefits to help alleviate some of the costs associated with these changes.

As always, any questions or concerns – please contact your ENCOMPASS Advisor.

Canadian Dental Association  . . . learn more about what CDA is doing.

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