Employment Insurance – Important notice about maximum insurable earnings for 2022

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The federal government announced the 2022 Employment Insurance (EI) rates and maximums in September 2021. Below are the new rates:

New rates effective January 1, 2022

Maximum Insurance earnings


Maximum EI benefit



This increase affects Clients’ Short-Term Disability (STD) plans where:

    • The maximum benefit reflects the EI maximum weekly benefit ($638 for 2022);
    • The EI maximum earnings amount ($60,300 for 2022) is used to calculate the STD benefit amount.

What you should know:

Most carriers have updated their systems so that STD payments show the increase in the EI maximum insurable earnings limit.

Effective January 1, 2022, insured workers will pay EI premiums on all earnings up to the annual maximum salary of $60,300. For example, if an individual earns $65,000 a year, premiums are payable on the first $60,300.

Next steps:

Plan sponsors won’t need to amend their contract if their plan’s maximum disability benefit is based on the EI maximum weekly benefit or earnings. The carriers will adjust their STD benefits for claims where the total disability started on or after January 1, 2022.

If a plan’s specific maximum benefits amount is less than the EI weekly maximum of $638, let us know if your organization would like to amend your plan. The carrier can adjust your STD benefit to reflect the new EI maximum weekly benefit amounts.

Volumes are based on the number of employees with STD coverage x the new maximum EI benefit.


Annual Maximums 2019 2020 2021 2022
Employment Insurance
Maximum weekly benefit 561.63 562.00 595.00 638.00
Maximum annual employee contribution 860.22 856.36 889.54 952.74
Maximum annual employer contribution 1,204.31 1,198.90 1,245.36 1,333.84
Maximum insurable earnings 53,100.00 54,200.00 56,300.00 60,300.00


For more information:

Please contact your ENCOMPASS team at 250-763-6464, service@encompassbenefits.com or for further detailed information please visit:

Employment Insurance – Important notice about maximum insurable earnings for 2022 – Canada.ca

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