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“A brand is what a business does, reputation is what people remember.”

- Ted Rubib

Your needs will continue to change. Healthcare and benefits are continually evolving and it’s important we do too. As your consultant, we actively manage your group benefits plan to ensure that as you grow, your benefits remain valuable and continue to meet the needs of your organization. 

A well-designed group benefits plan tailored to your team adds exceptional value to your total compensation package. The best employees often view their plan as a major reason why they stay with their current employer. Group insurance provides protection for your employees when unforeseen life events, like accidents and disabilities, happen. A comprehensive group benefits plan will improve health and productivity in the workplace, and keep you competitive in your industry.

We have earned a great reputation for our expertise in:

We add value to every client, above and beyond your actual benefit plan. Here’s how:

  • Plan Design Council
    We will make sure you are getting the maximum value from your group benefits plan by auditing the current plan for gaps or helping you create a brand new plan for your team.
  • Marketing Reviews
    We are elite independent advisors in the industry, which means we have strong partnerships with all the major insurance providers in Canada. Considering a change in carriers or looking to put a plan in place? Let us evaluate the market for you – we work only for you and our fiduciary duty is to help you protect your people and your organization.
  • Renewal Negotiations
    It’s so important to have someone experienced as your advocate at renewal time. Rates can decrease, increase, or remain the same at renewal time. Our promise to you is that we will get fair and sustainable rates for your team by aggressively negotiating with the providers.
  • Regular Reporting
    We do not deliver surprises. You are kept up to date throughout the year on how your plan is doing and what we can anticipate at renewal time. We are always here to support you and discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Employee Communications
    We will provide you with employee communications in periods of transition, or to advise members of rate changes when a cost share is included to ensure employees understand why they are seeing adjustments.
  • Employee Education Sessions
    We will come to your location to educate your staff on their benefits plans and ensure your team knows what is available and understands how to use the plans effectively and efficiently to control costs if possible.
  • Administrative Support
    We have a strong team of advisors and benefit support specialists to provide ongoing assistance to you and your team.
  • Human Resources Advisory Services
    Complementary for our existing clients. Services may include HR counsel as it relates to union negotiations, disability management, HR policies, communications to staff, recruitment, and salary benchmarking.

Today, most organizations work with an employee benefits broker to help navigate through the multitude of benefits products and technical insurance jargon.

Not All Brokers are Created Equal!

Surprisingly, the level of service can really vary from one broker to another. It’s hard to know if the service you’ve grown accustomed to is comparable to what other insurance brokers provide. Our partnership with you means you have our team on your side, as an advocate, an educator, an advisor, and a timely resource.


Rising insurance costs can seem like death and taxes – a sure thing. You need our help to determine a plan that minimizes the cost impact on your company. You can rely on us to independently assess your rates and negotiate aggressively to achieve the best rate possible at each renewal without sacrificing the quality of your plan.

It’s Simple But Significant

You do what you do best and leave the tough stuff to us – Group benefit plans vary depending on the size of the group, your business objectives and your budget, and it’s a tough job to sort it all out. Once we have expertly assessed your needs, we will recommend a plan that makes the most sense for your organization.

We Understand Your Unique Requirements

We are an independent consulting firm; we leverage all Canadian insurance providers to obtain the best coverage, rates, service, and products. This means that we truly work for you and we’ve got your back whenever you need us.


Are you Working with the Right Benefits Broker?

Employee group benefits are a significant part of an employee’s total compensation – it’s only wise to fully understand what you are investing in. Not sure if you’re working with the right benefits broker? Take our quiz and see the ENCOMPASS difference!

Group benefit plans typically include basic Life and Disability Insurance, Extended Health and Dental coverage, as well as in most cases a Wellness Program. However, an effective plan should be tailored to your unique organizational needs.

Basic life insurance pays an amount in the event of the death of an employee.

Sample coverage schedule: The amount of coverage that is based on either the employee’s earnings (i.e. 1x salary or 3x salary) or a flat amount from $25,000 to $500,000+.

Dependent basic life is a flat amount coverage offered to the spouse and dependent children of an employee. The benefit is payable to the covered plan member upon the death of the spouse or dependent.

This benefit allows employees, and sometimes their dependents, to pay for additional Life insurance coverage over that which is provided by their benefit plan (some as high as an extra $1,000,000).

This benefit provides protection where an employee plan member incurs an accidental death or loss of use of limbs, sight, hearing, and/or speech due to an accidental injury.

News of a critical illness can be very sad and upsetting. You can offer your employees financial support during a difficult time with critical Illness Insurance. This coverage allows someone who is seriously ill to receive a lump sum so they can focus on recovery rather than worry about finances.

Extended healthcare benefits are designed to supplement existing provincial hospital and public medical programs.

Extended healthcare benefits can be divided into several categories including:

  • Hospital coverage
  • Drug coverage
  • Eye exams
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Paramedical services like massage therapists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists
  • Out-of-province and travel insurance coverage
  • Other medical expenses

This benefit provides coverage for eye examinations, eyeglasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery. Safety glasses and prescription sunglasses can be included in some cases. 

Dental plans will typically cover both basic and major services. The dental services can be broken down further into preventive, diagnostic, periodontics, endodontics, minor and major restorative, and oral surgery.

Orthodontic coverage can be added as well to be part of this benefit.

This is an individual employee account that provides reimbursement for any healthcare items or services that are not covered under the core plan. HCSAs allow employers to give their employees more choice and flexibility while also limiting the employer’s financial responsibility.

As an Independent Broker we market our plans to all the carriers in Canada – to ensure you have access to the best plan and price possible.

Here are the Carriers we frequently use:

Assumption Life

Desjardins Financial

Great-West Life

La Capitale

Pacific Blue Cross

Sun Life


Benefits by Design

Empire Life

Green Shield Canada

Manulife Financial

RBC Insurance


Sutton Special Risk

The Co-operators

Equitable Life

Industrial Alliance


SSQ Insurance

CHUBB Insurance

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