Health and Wellness

“When ‘I’ is replaced by “we” even ‘illness’ becomes ‘wellness’.”

Who doesn’t want happy, healthy and engaged employees, right?! Guessing you feel the same way because you are still reading this (thanks by the way!) . . . ENCOMPASS will be a great partner in your company wellness program!
The wellness of your employees has a direct correlation to your bottom-line; healthy, well-balanced employees reduce the negative impact of absenteeism, presenteeism, short term and long term disability costs, and associated benefit claims. Healthy employees are more vibrant, want to and are able to positively contribute to their environments; while at work and at home.

We’re good at what we do and we care a great deal about your company’s greatest asset – your employees! We would love to understand your company’s desired wellness outcome and give you the support you need to make it a reality. Let’s talk about what a wellness evaluation/risk assessment would look like for you.

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