Our Professional Recruitment Process

Our Professional
Recruitment Process

1. Client Meeting: Our meeting with our clients is one of the most important aspects of this process. As your partner, we work hard to eliminate the risk of making a poor hiring decision. We ask questions beyond job duties. This allows us to not only learn about the position, but also about company culture, reason for the opening, and the cultural fit you are looking for.

2. Recruit: We have large networks of industry professionals and utilize that network to find the best candidates. We also know the best candidates are typically already looking and we work hard to connect with those individuals. All our candidates are first phone screened, and then met face to face (either in person or via webinar). We learn not only about candidate knowledge, skills and abilities, but also their career paths, career goals, and culture preferences to ensure the ideal fit.

3. Final Selection: We present the best of the group to you. By sending only the most qualified candidates, you only have to do final interviews and avoid wasting your time on people who are not exactly what you are looking for. We can coordinate the interview schedule on your behalf. From there, we would conduct any required testing and complete a thorough background check.

4.  While the role has been filled, our work does not stop. We will remain in contact with you to ensure the hiring is working out. If it doesn’t, no worries, we offer a guarantee for a reason.

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