Alberta Introduction of New Pharmacare Plan

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Alberta’s 2013 budget included a surprise announcement regarding a plan to introduce a new pharma-care model for the province by January 2014.

New Alberta PharmaCare Model

The new model will be based on the approach in B.C. and will likely include the following key design elements:

  • income-based deductible and some form of co-pay;
  • province is first payer after deductible is met;
  • will include more than just drugs – also likely dental, paramedical, vision care etc.; and
  • individuals can purchase insurance against their deductible costs.


Immediately following the announcement, the Canadian Life Insurance & Health Association Inc. (CLHIA) entered into a dialogue with the province to better understand their intentions.

At this time, however, the province has not finalized many of the details of the new proposed pharma-care program. The province did invite the industry to submit a letter to them outlining the likely implications of such a change for the industry, as well as to highlight key questions. Accordingly, the CLHIA submitted a letter to the province in late March and continues to work closely with the province on this issue.

Source:  ClaimSecure

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