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Group Retirement Savings related measures

Pension Benefits Standards Act Budget 2016 proposes changes to the agreement powers of the Pension Benefits Standards Act (PBSA). The Government proposes to broaden the scope of its ability to enter into bilateral agreements with provinces under the PBSA, which will better allow the federal and provincial governments to work together to oversee certain pension […]

New BC Pension Legislation & Regulatory Framework

To help people save for retirement the BC government approved the new Pension Benefit Standards Regulation Act (PBSR) this past May. Pensions are required to be administered in accordance with the Act by Sept 30, 2015 and to be filed before Jan 1, 2016. The purpose of these changes was to harmonize pension standards legislation […]

Company Pension shift reinforces need to plan for retirement

The growing shift away from  defined pension plans is reinforcing the need for Canadian to more actively plan for their  retirement, financial experts say.  For decades, most workers relied on a promise of how much they would receive in retirement from their company pensions, but that pension certainty is fading as many companies faced with […]

Reminder: 2013 RRSP contribution reporting deadline

Monday, March 3, 2014, is the deadline for plan sponsors to submit their plan’s RRSP contributions for the 2013 tax year. You can contact your Group RRSP provider and/or our office for more information on deadline procedures to make sure the contributions received on March 3 will be applied towards the 2013 tax year. Online: […]

Today’s Benefits/Pension Education Session – Great Turnout!

The ENCOMPASS Team was pleased to see so many Okanagan organization’s attend today’s Breakfast Education Session. The speakers and topics were very informative. Topics included: Drugs – Are you ready for this freight train of change? – Presented by Harold Gutovich, a Prescription Drug ‘Expert’ from Great-West Life. Pooled Registered Pension Plans – The Latest Update  […]

Kelowna Benefits/Pension Breakfast Education Session – May 23, 2013

ENCOMPASS Benefits is pleased to announce our next Breakfast Education Session in Kelowna. DATE:  Thursday, May 23, 2013 TIME:  7:30-9:15am LOCATION:  Ramada Hotel, 2170 Harvcey Avenue, Kelowna, BC Agenda Drugs – Are you ready for this freight train of change? – Presented by Harold Gutovich, a Prescription Drug ‘Expert’ from Great-West Life. – See Harold’s Bio below […]

Are you Working with the Right Benefits Broker?

Employee group benefits are a significant part of an employee’s total compensation – it’s only wise to fully understand what you are investing in. This is where an independent, professional benefits broker and consultant helps. A good benefits broker will help you: assess your plan design to make sure it is competitive with the marketplace. analyze […]

PRPP Introduced in B.C. but then Stalled

The Pooled Registered Pension Plan (aka PRPP) was getting closer to coming to fruition in British Columbia as per the February 28, 2013 announcement (see article below). However, on March 14, 2013, Bill 16 (the B.C. Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act) died on the order paper leaving a newly elected B.C. government to reintroduce another PRPP Act after the upcoming May […]

Strong Support for PRPP

The results of a recent nationwide survey show many Canadians are concerned they do not have the means to properly save for retirement – and the majority believe Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs) would help address this fear. According to the survey data: 64% of respondents support the introduction of PRPPs over an increase to […]

Recent PRPP Update

Further to our earlier post about Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs), a new voluntary large-scale defined contribution pension plan, the federal government has proposed further regulatory details about some of the potential rules and regulations. For all the proposed details, please visit the government website. Here are some highlights that affect you, the employer (and the PRPP […]

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