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Rally for life changing Drug

Kate Bouey – Nov 16, 2017 / 5:00 am | Story: 211658 A rally will be held in Victoria Nov. 29 calling on the government to fund the drug Orkambi. A rally is to be held on the steps of the provincial legislature in Victoria later this month as two B.C. women ask for help […]

Pharmacare modernizes Reference Drug Program

Effective June 1, 2016: The Ministry of Health is updating and expanding Pharmacare’s Reference Drug Program, with a focus on meeting the medical needs of patients. The Reference Drug Program is a part of Pharmacare, British Columbia’s public drug plan. The program groups certain types of drugs that treat the same illness or medical condition […]

Taking Control of rising drug costs

There are several new drugs for cancer and rare diseases coming into the marketplace that fall into the “extremely expensive” category. That is because the pharma pricing model is imperfect and drug prices are difficult to control let alone predict both here and in the US. The reality is that drug plans were not designed […]

$300 vs. $80,000: Low-cost cure for Hepatitis C in the works

A low-cost treatment for hepatitis C could be available soon. Staff Published Monday, April 18, 2016 A non-profit group is working to develop an affordable treatment for hepatitis C that will cost less than US$300 per patient – a tiny fraction of the $80,000 price tag currently charged by big drug makers to treat […]

Health ministers urging pharmacare program to pay for prescription drugs

The Canadian Press/Graeme Roy June 8, 2015 TORONTO – Canada should have a national pharmacare program to help people pay for prescription drugs, several provincial and territorial health ministers said Monday as they vowed to make it a key issue in this fall’s federal election. “Certainly I think we have an opportunity given that this […]

Increase in drug spending hits 40 year low but expected to rebound soon

The amount of money Canadians spent on prescription drugs last year rose a mere 0.9 per cent, the lowest increase since statistics on drug spending were first measured in 1975, a new report said Thursday. But Michael Law, a health economist at the University of British Columbia, warned that the trend of slowing growth in […]

Taking your Pills – The befefits of drug adherence

In order to gain the positive health outcomes associated with prescription medications, patients must take their drugs “as prescribed” – a simple fact, but it is one too many patients ignore. Here is the shocker: according to the World Health Organization, adherence in developed countries like Canada averages just over 50% Every year medication non-adherence […]

Universal Drug Plan would save us Billions

Canada would save billions of dollars if we instituted a national drug plan. A report was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal making this assertion and it rightly attracted a lot of attention and conversation across the country. This is not a new topic – for years some groups and political parties have advocated […]

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