Biologic Drugs – The Changing Drug Landscape

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Empire Life, one of the many Canadian Insurance Carriers ENCOMPASS works with, recently produced a well-researched and informative 8-minute video called The Changing Drug Landscape – Biologics: the high cost of breakthrough medicine.

Did you know?

Chronic Conditions Affect 2 of every 5 Canadians

This number is growing as our population ages.

With the growing use of Biologic Drugs, the significant costs of these specialty drugs are impacting both Provincial and Employer-Sponsored Employee Benefit Plans.

As a result, an industry wide initiative was launched January 1, 2013 by all Canadian insurers to help protect Canadians’ Drug Coverage.

What You Can Do

As ENCOMPASS works with clients, we are constantly providing education and counsel on how to best design employee benefit plans that provide a comprehensive plan to support employees while implementing cost-saving strategies.

To learn more about cost-savings strategies you can implement, please contact ENCOMPASS Benefits.

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