Employers beefing up mental-health benefits amid pandemic

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While everyone has been coping with the pandemic, some have been struggling a little more than others.  “Mental well-being was a big challenge before the COVID-19 pandemic and concern is only growing as our worker populations’ deal with the continual unknowns of the pandemic,” said Julie Stich, vice-president of content at the IFEB, in a press release. “Employers are working to effectively connect with and provide benefits for employees, from offering more digital tools to facilitating peer support groups to expanding mental-health crisis training initiatives.”


A recent survey was conducted to evaluate the top five mental-health/substance use disorders reported among employees. These include:


  • Anxiety disorders (25%);
  • Depression (24%);
  • Sleep deprivation/disorders (8%);
  • Attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (8%) and;
  • Alcohol addiction (8%).


Prolonged stress & the recent increase of new mental-health related disorders . . . how do we cope with these new concerns?


A majority of organizations (88 %) across the globe believe their workers are more stressed now than they were two years ago; according to a new survey by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans.


Employers are now not only dealing with several outside factors but the very real, very immediate needs of their employees.  What survival skills do employers need to implement to get back to a confident, resilient society?


Mental-health benefits are growing in popularity, with employers now offering access to online resources/tools (81%), online treatment sessions (49%) and mental-health crisis training (30%).  Benefits Canada Aug 26, 2021


If you want to learn more about the resources offered by carriers, contact your ENCOMPASS advisor. We are always happy to help!



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