Save Money with Drug Cost Comparison Tool

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As a independant employee benefits consulting and brokerage firm, ENCOMPASS works with all Canadian insurance carriers and are privy to seeing many FREE tools and resources available to the public.

One worth mentioning is Pacific Blue Cross’ (PBC) drug cost comparison tool Pharmacy COMPASS.

What does Pharmacy COMPASS do?

  • Compare Prices – You can compare prices of brand and generic drugs and dispensing fees at different pharmacy locations across British Columbia.
  • Shop the Market – Just as we shop around for new tires, PBC’s Pharmacy COMPASS helps you shop the market, from the comfort of your armchair, to find the best price at nearby pharmacies.
  • Save Money – knowing where to shop to get the best price on drug and pharmacy dispensing fees will help to lower your out-of- pocket costs.

Just one of the great tools available to help savvy shoppers.


If you have any questions or are looking for ideas on how to contain costs on prescription drugs or your group benefits plan, please contact ENCOMPASS. Our team is here to help.

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