Top Wellness Trends for 2018

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Benefits Canada highlights the top Canadian wellness trends we’ll see in workplaces in 2018.

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  1. Mindfulness 

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can improve stress management and promote self-care, enabling employees to make better choices both at home at work.

  1. Personalized wellness coaching

Wellness coaching uses a one-on-one approach that provides support, guidance and encouragement to individuals looking to meet health and wellness goals.

  1. High-intensity interval training 

Employers should look to promote or provide high-intensity interval training classes, as this type of training can make employees more productive and efficient, while also improving cardiovascular health.

  1. Financial wellness

Employees are now looking to their employers for help navigating personal finances. Employers can help employees improve their financial well-being by encouraging them to learn more about their finances.

  1. Standing desks

Sitting has been labeled as a health risk worse than smoking and as a result more employers are looking to offer access to standing desks.

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