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We have noticed little interest in the cannabis craze that was to take place once both recreational and medicinal cannabis were legalized in Canada.  The boom that was expected never materialized and the obstacles that businesses face with implementing coverage for cannabis or anything with such far reaching implications in the workplace are an impediment.

At ENCOMPASS, we believe it is in your best interest to stay informed with regard to the flow of new benefits legislation in the industry.   Knowledge and understanding reflect a company’s thoughtfulness and care when it comes to their employees.  We hope you enjoy the read!

As the New Year begins and thoughts turn to what the future may hold, it struck us, what ever happened to the predicted medical cannabis craze? Medical cannabis was certainly a hot topic in 2017 – as in, finally, the health benefits industry has something new and progressive to talk about! But it seems to have gone from hot to not-so-hot… as in low uptake.

Only 3% of respondents in Health Canada’s 2019 Cannabis Survey reported that they have full insurance coverage for medical cannabis. The survey that randomly recruited 12,000 respondents across all provinces and territories also found that just 3% report partial coverage, leaving 94% reporting no coverage. Instead of budding health benefit, it sounds like medical cannabis might in fact be a dying-on-the-vine situation, but why?

  • The inside story, GreenShield Canada January 2021 edition

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